Insurance intermediary (temporary provision and establishment)


Insurance intermediaries are insurance brokers or insurance agents. Both authorization, registration and notification depends on the activities by the intermediary.

You will need this:
  • Information about the company (registration number, address and contact details)
  • What type of insurance intermediation the company is applying for
  • Which countries the application concerns
  • Registered ownership of the company (more than 10 %) – who, how much and contact details
  • Information about the direction and supervisory board (if any), including CV for Fit & Proper and information about bankruptcy and/or suspension of payments
  • Criminal records on all persons in the direction/supervisory board
  • Information about narrow links to other persons/companies
  • Client account and guarantee funds for trusted funds (klientkonto og garantistillelse for betroede midler)
  • Declaration on liability statement (erklæring om ansvarsforsikring)

There is no requirement for the way to apply for authorization as insurance intermediary, as long as all the required documentation is attached to the inquiry to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.