Public entertainment martial arts events (temporary provision and establishment)


If you wish to organize a public martial arts event, you must obtain a permit at the local police.

You will need this:

You can apply for permission for a public martial arts event by lodging an application.

You must state the time and location of the event.

A match must not take place unless the practitioner presents a health logbook to the doctor and has undergone a prior medical examination, in which the attending doctor ensures that the practitioner’s health does not prevent participation in the public match.

Practitioners whom are exercising martial arts in other EU/EEA countries as well as martial arts practitioners whose federation has not introduced a health logbook or equivalent documentation may instead:

  • State the date and pace of all the (martial arts) practitioners official matches and their outcome
  • State the damage caused by participation in public matches and any quarantined
  • State other health remarks.

A doctor must confirm information about damage or other health remarks.

The documentation is to be sent to the police district where the event is supposed to take place.

Contact information regarding the police districts can be found at

An application form can be found here.

The application can also be sent to the Danish National Police by post or e-mail, in which case it will be forwarded to the relevant police district.