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Solarium (establishment)


All solariums in Denmark must be registered at the Danish Safety Technology Authority according to Act on Solariums, Act No. 718 of 25 June 2014.

You will need this:

You can finde the registration form here. Once you have filled out the registration form with the requried information you can submit it to the Danish Safety Technology Authority via the 'Start' - button.

To register your solarium, you have to provide information about:

  • name and address of the solarium
  • name an address of the owner or lessee

Additionally, the Danish Safety Technology Authority wants some other information; this is, however, optional to provide:

  • number of sunbeds with UV-type 1, 2, 3, 4 or unknown UV-type, respectively
  • is the solarium operated with no permanent staff or is trained or untrained personnel employed?

Please note that you have to complete a form for each solarium you wish to register.