Employment and dismissal

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Employment and dismissal

This site covers all things relevant to employment and dismissal such as legal requirement in an employment contract, the Danish Labour Market Model and different types of employment.

Employment and dismissal

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  • Paying A-tax and labour market contributions (AM-bidrag)

    Once you have reported into the E-income system, you then pay A-tax (tax deducted from income at source) and labour market contributions you deducted. You logon to E-tax for businesses to pay A-tax and labour market contributions (am-bidrag)

  • Reporting pay in E-income

    When you pay salaries or fees to your employees, you have to report it to us. These reports go to the E-income register. This register holds information about the income, such as salaries, state education grants and pension benefits, of all Danes.

  • Social security: Assistance with repatriation

    As a shipowner of Danish flagged vessels, you may be covered by the rules on social security and you may in particularly serious cases, be entitled to assictance in connection with repatriation or event of death.