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Labour Market Insurance (AES)

Labour Market Insurance (AES) processes industrial injury cases, pays compensation for occupational diseases and collects AES contributions via Samlet Betaling (joint collection point for various employer contributions).

Labour Market Insurance (AES)

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  • Complaint about working and living conditions

    Each individual shipowner is responsible that the procedures used when dealing with complaints are reasonable, fast and efficient. The complaint procedure must be accessible for all seafarers on board the ship at all time.

  • File a complaint regarding health and safety at work

    Anyone can file a complaint with the Danish Working Environment Authority if they suspect that a Danish or foreign company is violating occupational health and safety regulations. The complaint will be treated confidentially.

  • Overview of accident reports

    If you report accidents in EASY, you can view an overview of your company’s reports. You can change previous accident reports, edit drafts and approve new reports.

  • Report a work accident as a victim

    As a victim, you can report a work accident or an accident you have been involved in (providing assistance and/or saving lives), or an accident involving a technical instrument.