Labour Market Insurance (AES)

Labour Market Insurance (AES)

Labour Market Insurance (AES) processes industrial injury cases, pays compensation for occupational diseases and collects AES contributions via Samlet Betaling

AES works with doctors, insurance companies, municipalities, trade unions and lawyers to gather information and ensure that we have the best possible knowledge on which to base a decision about an industrial injury. It is the employer that is required to report accidents at work, and doctors and dentist that are required to report occupational diseases.


Report a work accident

You can report work accidents for your company in EASY if you have report rights.

Report accident as an employer with a RUT-number

As a company with a RUT-number (no CVR-number) you can report accidents in EASY.

Report a work accident as a third party (e.g. trade unions, lawyers, doctors)

As a third party, you have the option of reporting work accidents on behalf of a member, client or patient.

Setting up EASY for administrators

As an EASY administrator, you have to set up EASY to suit your company’s needs.

Sign up for AES voluntary insurance

Here you can digitally sign up for AES voluntary insurance. You can get AES voluntary insurance as an owner, working spouse and stakeholder.

Report temps to AES via self-service

Here temp agencies can report on where employees have been sent to. Remember to select the period for which you wish to report.

Good to know

Information concerning deaths

If one of your employees die while at work, or due to an accident at work, you must notify AES of the death within 48 hours on telephone number: +45 20 42 63 97.

Information concerning deaths

AES contribution

As a company in Denmark, you must pay an AES contribution to safeguard your employees in case of occupational diseases.

AES contribution