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Labour Market Insurance (AES)

Labour Market Insurance (AES)

Occupational diseases

An occupational disease is a disease caused by harmful impacts at work for a long or short period of time. Doctors and dentists have a duty to report occupational diseases to the authorities.

The information on this page is primarily for doctors and dentists.

What is an occupational disease?

There are two types of industrial injuries: occupational diseases and accidents at work.

An occupational disease is a disease that is caused by working or the conditions that the work has been performed under.

In other words, the disease must be caused by impacts at work and the correlation between the impacts and the disease must be recognised by medical research. If the harmful impacts occurred for less than 5 days they must be reported by the employer as an accident at work.

Doctors and dentists have a duty to report occupational diseases via the ESS reporting system.

Report an occupational disease

All occupational diseases must be reported via the ESS self-service.

You must send reports on the same day that you fill them out. Drafts are only saved for the day in which they are created.

It is helpful if you fill out the report with information on the patient’s GP (general practitioner - doctor). If you are a GP, the report will automatically adopt information from your ESS profile.

Overview in ESS

Besides reporting occupational diseases in ESS, you can also:

  • View your previously submitted reports with associated invoices for fees

  • View unfinished reports saved as drafts (only on the day the draft was created)

  • Search your previously submitted reports

Who can report an occupational disease?

You can report an occupational disease in ESS if you are:

  • A doctor

  • A dentist

  • A representative of a medical or dental clinic

  • Working in another kind of healthcare capacity with reporting access to ESS

  • You must use a NemID employee signature in order to get access to reporting occupational diseases. If you do not already have an employee signature, you can order one from NemID.

Payment for medical information

AES pays the fee if we have asked a medical specialist to send a copy of a medical journal, medical specialist’s certificate, medical certificate, autopsy or supplementary note. You must send your invoice electronically to AES in order to get paid. The money will be transferred to your NemKonto :

When you fill out the invoice:

  • Fill out one invoice per civil registration number.

  • Write the recipient/patient’s civil registration number clearly.

  • Write AES’ file number under order/purchase reference - for example, 010203-0405/01

  • Note which service you are invoicing AES for

It is possible to send an invoice electronically via Virk.dk:

You can send the invoice to: GLN/EAN nr.: 5790002265891

Please note that medical information on patients must be sent to: aes@atp.dk


Labour Market Insurance (AES) Kongens Vænge 8 DK-3400 Hillerød

Unfortunately, AES cannot receive electronic credit notes. If you have a credit note, you must call AES on +45 48 20 58 40.

Reporting an occupational disease AES does not pay the fee for reporting an occupational disease. The fee will be payed automatically in connection with the digital reporting of occupational diseases to AES and The Danish Working Environment Authority (Arbejdstilsynet).

If your employee becomes ill

If an employee becomes ill due to work, the company must ask the employee to go to a doctor. The employee’s doctor has a duty to report an occupational disease to authorities via the ESS reporting system.

When the disease has been reported, the case will be processed by Labour Market Insurance (AES). AES retrieves the required work and health information and decides whether the employee is entitled to compensation.

As an employer, you have a duty to provide information on the work and how it was performed. AES contacts the company if information is needed. The employer will be notified if the disease is recognised as an industrial injury (occupational disease).

When the company pays AES contribution compensations are covered and paid directly to the employee by AES occupational diseases insurance (AES Erhvervssygdomssikring).

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