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Digital Post

If you own a company or an organisation and have a registered CVR-number, you are obliged to have a digital mail box allowing you to receive digital post from Danish public authorities.

Digital Post is a secure digital post solution developed for Danish public authorities, citizens and companies. Correspondence through this channel is just as binding as deadlines, contracts and signed documents sent on paper with a stamp. Therefore, it is the responsibility of your company to make sure it is up to date on important digital post from Danish public authorities. Your company or organisation is automatically assigned an active digital mail box when a CVR-number has been registered.

Legislation on Digital Post

Correspondence via Digital Post is just as binding as letter post. Therefore, it is your responsibility as the owner to make sure that your company or organisation does not miss any important digital post - including deadlines.

Read more about the Danish Public Digital Post Act here.

Digital Post support

If you have questions regarding the Digital Post-solution, please contact the support team on phone +45 82 30 32 31 (Monday to Friday between 09:00-20:00), by e-mail digitalpost@support.e-boks.dk or use the support web form.

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Written by: The Agency of Digitisation Updated 02.11.2020