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Digital Post

As a business, association or organization with a CVR-number in Denmark, you will receive your post from public authorities digitally. It is called Digital Post.

About Digital Post

Configuration and access to Digital Post

In connection with establishing your business in Denmark, it will automatically be assigned a Digital Post for receiving messages from Danish public authorities. You can always access your Digital Post on Virk.

Receiver system for Digital Post

When the business closes

When your business ceases – regardless of why – your Digital Post and and the content herein will not be deleted until 10 years later. All accesses will be blocked, though, and log in will not be possible afterwards.

Exemption from Digital Post

It is only possible for your business to be exempted from Digital Post if your business is unable to obtain a broadband connection at 512 k/bit or if the owner of the your business or a member of its management is disabled or imprisoned and no else within the organization can manage its Digital Post.

If you want to apply for an exemption from Digital Post due to your company’s broadband connection, you need to contact your municipality’s citizen service center (borgerservice).

You will need to send a form through letter mail directly to (Erhvervsstyrelsen) if you wish to apply for exemption due to disability or incarceration.

If you want to get exempt due to disability or prisontime you need to submit a form and send it to the Danish Business Authority.

Form for exemption from Digital Post due to disability (PDF)

Form for exemption from Digital Post due to incarceration (PDF)

The envelope has to be addressed as ‘Confidential – Application for exeption from Digital Post’ and sent to the following address:

Erhvervsstyrelsen Langelinie Allé 17 2100 København Ø

Legislation on Digital Post

Digital Post from public authorities has the same legal effect as regular letter mail. It is your responsibility to check your business’ Digital Post, so your business does not miss important messages and deadlines.

Read more about the Danish Public Digital Post Act here.

Written by: The Agency of Digitisation Updated 18.03.2022