Report asbestos work


As an employer, you have a duty to report asbestos work to Arbejdstilsynet, the Danish Working Envi-ronment Authority. You must fill in and submit the notification form before the work starts.


When you report an asbestos work to the Danish Working Environment Authority, you must provide the following information:

  1. Name, address and telephone number of the company
  2. Name and telephone number of a contact person for the work
  3. Dates for the expected start and expected completion of the work
  4. Expected number of people involved in the work
  5. Type of asbestos you will be working with
  6. Expected amount of asbestos-containing waste
  7. Address of the workplace
  8. Brief description of the nature and extent of the work
  9. Brief description of working methods
  10. Brief description of protective measures and occupational hygiene measures.