Self-service for Close

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  • Cessation of company or end of duty

    Use this form if you are a foreign company and you wish to close your company in Denmark or if you wish to close some of the company’s duties, such as VAT etc. You can only use this form if you do not have a CVR number and MitID.

  • Close company

    Close the company and discontinue all obligations (for example, VAT, tax [A-skat], etc.)

  • Edit company

    Correct information in CVR. Register or unregister the company for VAT, import/export, payroll or as an employer. Create or unregister administrative VAT number, report merger/split, register ownership or protect the company against advertisements.

  • Tattooing establishment, repayment of annual fee

    You must use this form when you have to repay the annual fee for having a registered tattoo place. It is important that you make sure to deregister your tattoo place if it is no longer active.