Firefighter (establishment)


If you wish to work as a Fire Safety Inspector in Denmark, you must have your professional qualifications recognized by the Danish Emergency Management Agency.

You will need this:

There is no application or declaration form. Instead, write a letter or an e-mail stating your profession and that you wish to have your professional qualifications recognized for the purpose of establishment. If you only wish to provide your services temporarily, please read more and apply here. Attach the following documents to your application:

  • Proof of nationality, for example, a copy of identity card or passport Certificates, diplomas etc. relevant to your profession

  • Information on the total duration of the studies and the subjects studied, specifying the time allocated to each subject (e.g. hours, weeks or ECTS points), and where appropriate the balance between the theoretical part and the practical part

  • Proof of your professional experience, e.g. pay slips or attestations from employers identifying the professional activity and its duration (if any)

  • Any further documentation/further information that you think may influence the assessment of your professional and educational qualifications, or other relevant information that you wish to submit, e.g. curriculum Vitae

  • Your contact information: first name and family name, address, phone and e-mail, if any. If somebody else is sending the documents, e.g. a company sending documents on your behalf: The sender's name, address, phone and e-mail, if any.