Energy consultancy (temporary provision and establishment)


To be certified to prepare energy performance certificates, the company must introduce a quality assurance system in accordance with the rules of the international standard for quality assurance systems, ISO 9001 with supplementary requirements.


You can register your company by completing the application form via the "Start"-button. You can submit your company registration to the Danish Energy Agency: ****

  • Data sheet
  • Documentation of the company's nationality;
  • an attestation certifying that the company is legally established in a Member State for the purpose of pursuing the activities concerned and that it is not prohibited from practising, even temporarily, at the moment of delivering the attestation;
  • evidence of professional qualifications;
  • any means of proof that the company has pursued the activity concerned for at least one year during the previous ten years. The condition requiring one years' pursuit, does not apply when either the profession or the education and training leading to the profession is regulated;
  • declaration of insurance coverage.

The certification must be carried out by a certification body which is accredited by DANAK (Danish Accreditation) or an equivalent body in another EU country affiliated with the EU’s accreditation organisation EA (European Co-operation for Accreditation).