Screening of foreign investments and special financial agreements


Apply for authorisation or notify a foreign investment or a special financial agreement to the Danish Business Authority.

You will need this:

To submit an application or notification to the Danish Business Authority, download and fill in the application/notification form and upload it together with all relevant documents via the application portal.

In connection with application or notification, a number of questions must be answered regarding the respective investment or agreement, including:

  • The nature of the investment or the agreement,
  • The investor's/service provider's ownership
  • The target company's business.

In addition, whether the application concerns an investment, a greenfield investment or a special financial agreement must be stated, and whether the investment/agreement falls under the rules demanding prior authorization or the rules on voluntary notification.

Investments and special financial agreements covered by the permit requirement that is implemented on or after 1 September 2021 must be submitted to the Danish Business Authority.

For applications without NemID, please use the application portal here.

What documents do I need to submit?

In addition to answering a number of questions, you will also have to upload certain documents during the application process:

  • An application/notification form (download the application/notification form here).
  • A chart that displays the ownership structure of the investor/service provider.
  • A chart that displays the ownership structure of the target company prior to the investment/agreement.
  • A chart that displays the ownership structure of the target company after the investment i.e. how the target is incorporated (this only applies to investments).
  • An EU-notification form (if the transaction is an application or notification concerning an investment pursuant to S 5 or S 10 of the Danish Act on screening of certain foreign direct investments) (download the EU-notification form here).
  • Contracts, declarations of intent or other documents confirming the validity of the transaction (can be uploaded under "additional relevant information").
  • Foreign applicants who do not use a Danish law firm or similar entity to submit the application will also have to submit documentation that validates the investing party's existence and address.