Statutory auditor (temporary provision)


If an auditor approved in accordance with the 8. Directive wishes to work in Denmark the auditor needs to apply with the Danish Business Authority in order to obtain recognition as an approved auditor in Denmark.

You will need this:

Auditors who have been approved in pursuance of rules that implement European Parliament and Council Directive on statutory audits of annual accounts and consolidated accounts and who are established in another EU country, in an EEA country or in another country with which the EU has entered into an agreement may provide reports on a temporary and occasional basis in pursuance of Section 1 (2) and (3). However, the report must not concern the statutory audit of financial statements and consolidated financial statements. Auditors who provide a report shall use their professional title in their country of establishment.

Applications must be submitted via the "Start"-button.

If you wish to provide services permanently, you must read more and apply via this page instead.