Responsible actuary (temporary provision and establishment)


An actuary deals with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty. In Denmark we differentiate between responsible actuaries and actuaries. All life-insurances companies in Denmark are required to employ a responsible actuary.

You will need this:

No application is required for responsible actuaries, although the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority must receive notification of the appointment of a responsible actuary by the board of directors of the life-insurance company.

Furthermore if you intend to seek a position as a responsible actuary in a life-insurance company situated in Denmark, make sure you fulfill the requirements stated in the Executive Order on Responsible Actuary section 3. This includes, but is not limited to,

  • supplementary courses in Danish insurance law and insurance accounting and

  • full-time practical actuarial work from a licensed company or ATP for no less than five years (six years if the courses are obtained outside Denmark), within the past ten years. At least one year of the five (six) years of practical actuarial work should be conducted in close cooperation with the responsible actuary.

Please see the full requirements under legal basis.