Land surveyors (establishment)


If you wish to operate as a Land Surveyor in Denmark on a permanent basis, you will need a licence as a chartered Land Surveyor from the Danish Geodata Agency.

You will need this:

Application for licences to operate as a land surveyor can be made by filling out the application form found here or sending it, with the relevant documentation, to the Danish Geodata Agency. Help and assistance can be found in the step-by-step guide on submission. Declarations for temporary and occasional provision of cadastral services must include the following information regarding the Land Surveyor/Land Surveying company:

  • Information regarding any professional insurance or similar held by the party
  • Documentation of the party’s identity and nationality
  • Attestation from the competent authority in the country of establishment to the effect that the party is legally established, and performs activities corresponding to chartered surveying activities in Denmark, and that, at the time when the attestation was issued, the party was not prohibited, permanently or temporarily from performing this activity
  • Documentation of the party’s professional qualifications, and
  • If the profession is not regulated in the country of establishment, documentation that the party has performed activities corresponding to chartered surveying activities in Denmark for at least two years out of the past ten years.

Licence as a Land Surveyor in Denmark normally requires a university degree in Land Management (MSc. in Surveying, Planning and Land Management), combined with at least three years of professional experience in the employment of a practicing land surveyor, doing cadastral work. EU/EEA citizens can apply for recognition of their professional qualifications under the EU rules.