Authorisation for cultivation of genetically modified crops (temporary provision)


If you wish to cultivate or handle seed for growing genetically modified crops in Denmark, you must have an authorization or similar official recognition issued by the Danish Agricultural Agency.

You will need this:

If you want to travel to Denmark to seek temporary employment at a farm, an agricultural service supply company or in a transport company that cultivates or handles seed for genetically modified crops for growing in Denmark, you are to inform the Danish Agricultural Agency in a written declaration either via letter or e-mail to the Danish Agricultural Agency. See contact details below.

The declaration must be accompanied with certified photocopies of your professional qualification documents:

  • evidence of formal qualifications for handling genetically modified crops,

  • an attestation of competence and/or professional experience, authorisation etc.

You are required to renew your declaration if you intend to provide temporary or occasional services in Denmark during the following year. If you wish to work with cultivation permanently, please read more here.