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Authorisation to issue plant passports (Potatoes)


E-Documentation on plant passports

You will need this:

New requirements for technical competences of companies when issuing plant passports will enter into force on 14/12 2020. The new requirements mean, inter alia, that companies must elaborate an action plan for a finding or a suspected finding of especially harmful pests of plants in the production. Companies must also document their competences via the Danish Agricultural Agency’s e-Documentation on plant passports.

What is the e-Documentation on plant passports, and what is required?

Before a company can be authorised to issue plant passports, it must review the Agricultural Agency’s e-Documentation on plant passports. E-Documentation on plant passports is a series of multiple choice questions on plant health distributed over 5 modules. Read more about the 5 modules below.

It is required that at least one central key member of your company shall review the e-Documentation, and that the company shall have completed the e-Documentation, and elaborated an action plan for a finding or a suspected finding of especially harmful pests of plants in the production, before 14/12 2020.

Although the e-Documentation on plant passports consists of queries with correct and incorrect alternatives, you cannot dump. The company's answers from the e-Documentation will later be used as a premise for a technical discussion between our verifier and the employee who has reviewed the e-Documentation. From 14/12 2020 the technical discussion on the results of the e-Documentation will be included as a permanent component in a regular verification visit.

When you have completed the queries in the e-Documentation regarding plant passports, you can prepare a PDF with the results by pressing the “Printer” icon.
Guidance for saving the results as a PDF is included here.

The PDF will only show queries where the answer is not correct. This provides for continuing the targeted work on your competences. You will thus have the best possible prerequisite for a good technical discussion with our verifier during the verification visit. The PDF with the results from the review of the e-Documentation should be submitted to our mail, planter@lbst.dk. The verifier will use the results for preparing the visit at your premises. It would also be a good idea to print a copy of the results and to keep this in the company.

The technical discussion is used to assess the company’s technical competences in relation to issuing plant passports. If the verifier detects any discrepancies in the technical knowledge of plant health in relation to the capacity to issue plant passports, this may trigger an extra verification visit.

An action plan is a plan with a step-by-step description of what the company must do in case of a finding or a suspected finding of an especially harmful pest of plants. From 14/12 2020 companies are required to have elaborated an action plan. The action plan must be available to all employees in the company. In collaboration with inter-branch organisations and advisory services, the Agricultural Agency has prepared an action plan template, which, inter alia, contains points that should, as a minimum, be included in the company’s action plan.

Read more about the action plan and find the template here