Apply for loans when in the midst of restructuring

Lønmodtagernes Garantifond (LG)

If your company is in the midst of a restructuring process, you as an employer can cooperate with a restructuring agent to apply to LG for a loan to pay salaries to your employees. The loan must be repaid.

You will need this:
  • The employees’ civil registration numbers
  • Copy of a statement from the probate court to serve as documentation that the company is in the midst of a restructuring process
  • Printout from the Danish Business Authority documenting those who have the power to bind the company (only applies to companies)
  • Copy of the document setting up the zero offset (protected from creditors) account
  • Copy of original payslips - LG cannot use test calculations from a payroll system.

The documentation above must be sent along with the filled-out application to LG.

Please note that if there are no payslips or only test calculations, the application will be rejected.

What you need to do:

  1. Click [Start]
  2. Enter information about the company
  3. Enter information about the restructuring process
  4. Enter information on the restructuring agent
  5. Enter account information
  6. Enter what you wish to have covered
  7. Fill out the employee list
  8. Print the form and sign it
  9. Send the form with attached documentation to LG
  10. You send the claim via a contact form Send a message to LG

Please note: The form is in Danish.
Missing documentation may result in LG rejecting the loan application.

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