Environmental noise measurements and predictions - Individuals certification (temporary provision and establishment)


Read more here about how to apply for certification to carry out noise measurements in Denmark.


Certification Scheme

A certificate for measurements and calculations to be used in the authorities' administrative procedures can be acquired for the following topics:

  1. Environmental industrial noise, including infrasound and low frequency noise

  2. Noise from shooting ranges, exclusive measurement of source strength

  3. Noise from racetracks

  4. Noise from wind turbines

  5. Environmental vibrations

  6. Source strength of small arms

  7. Noise from railways

  8. Noise from road traffic

The subjects 1-4 are mandatory, while the subjects 5-8 are optional. However, achieving certification only for calculations of traffic noise is possible (rail and road traffic noise).

A certified measurement and control technologist must be able to master the written Danish, as the working language of the authorities is Danish. As a consequence the application for personal certification must be completed in Danish.

Temporary provision Individuals whose professional qualifications have been acquired in another Member State intending to carry out noise measurements in Denmark temporarily or occasionally, are exempt from the requirement for certification.

However, before the activity commences the Certification Body must be informed by fulfilling the requirements given in clause 15 in the Statutory Order on Quality requirements for environmental measurements for the purpose of controlling the qualifications in order to prevent serious harm to the public health.