Manure tank inspector (temporary provision and establishment)


If you wish to inspect containers holding liquid manure, silage effluent or wastewater from animal production, you must have an authorization issued by the Board of the Manure Tank Scheme.

You will need this:

In order to be granted authorization, you must provide evidence that you fulfil the requirements set out below, you must:

  • Have basic training in building technology or equivalent knowledge based on experience from production, mounting and repair of manure tanks etc;
  • Have professional experience in relevant fields, e.g. building tasks connected with agriculture or related sectors;
  • Be VAT registered;
  • Have a professional liability insurance policy;
  • And have completed an introductory course including a test for the authorization scheme.

The introductory course is held by the Secretariat of the Manure Tank Scheme.

If you wish to apply, you must fill out this application form via this link.