Rat control (temporary provision and establishment)


If you wish to work as a rat controller in Denmark, you must have an authorisation issued by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

You will need this:

In order to work as a rat controller, you may be exempted from the required course and exam to become a rat controller according to Danish law, if you have completed an equivalent course in another EU/EEA Member State and have sufficient experience.

Application for authorisation to work as a rat controller is made by filling out the form via the "Start"-button. You can also send the application by e-mail or letter, see below for contact details below.

The application must contain following documents:

  • Proof of the applicant’s nationality.
  • Proof of the applicant’s professional qualifications in the form of
    • copy of diploma/certificate regarding completed training
    • authorisation as rat controller, if the profession is regulated in the issuing Member States, and
    • evidence of any relevant professional experience or
    • proof that the application has carried out rat control for at least 1 year within the last 10 years, if the profession or education is not regulated in the issuing Member State.

If the documentation is not in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English, French or German, the translation of the documentation must be carried out or certified by a Danish state authorized translator, an embassy/consulate in Denmark for the country in which the original document was issued or a Danish consulate/embassy.