The Danish EPA's Authorization System for the Use of Pesticides - MAB


It is a great advantage that the operator attaches his authorisation to the company’s CVR number. Thus, the distributor of pesticides can easily and automatically check that the customer can legally buy pesticides.

You will need this:

In order for you to associate your authorization with a CVR number, the company to which you wish to associate your authorization must first be created in MAB. The company is set up in MAB by logging on to with NemID for Business. Once a company has been created in MAB, this should not be repeated.

Then you log in as an authorized person (sprayer) on MAB via the link with your personal NemID. Under the menu item "Authorizations" you can see the authorization or authorizations you have as a sprayer driver. Here you can click on "+" next to the authorization that you want to attach to a company (eg your own CVR number or employer's CVR number). At the bottom right of the screen, there is a field at the bottom, "Search", which is used to search for the company if the company has previously been created in MAB. Then press "Request".

When you have pressed "Request", the company with the specified CVR number receives a digital mail with information that there is an authorization that they must approve / reject is associated with their company. The company approves / rejects the request for connection to the company's CVR number by logging on to med NemID for Erhverv. Under the "Authorizations" tab, the company can approve / reject pending affiliations. The company can also remove affiliations of eg former employees.

When the company has approved / rejected a request for an authorization to be associated with the company's CVR number, you as the sprayer will receive a message via digital mail about this. The company can then order and buy pesticides outside of each purchase, having to document the authorization number, provided that the dealer company carries out an automatic check of the valid authorizations of its customers' CVR numbers.