Security Company (temporary provision and establishment)


If you wish to carry out commercial security activities in Denmark, you must have an authorisation issued by the Danish Police.


“Commercial security activities” is defined as:

  • Surveillance of private and public areas
  • Transportation of valuables
  • Personal protection
  • Managing of alarm signals from panic and burglar alarm systems
  • Monitoring other companies’ activities as mentioned above

Central and West Jutland Police, Administrative Centre (PAC), handles all applications.

The procedure depends on whether you have been authorised as security company before in a EU/EAA member state, or whether you intend to be authorised as security company for the first time.

1. If you have not been authorised as security company before:

You must:

  • have attained the age of 25,
  • not be legally incompetent,
  • not be in receivership or bankrupt,
  • not have significant outstanding debts to public authorities; i.e. DKK 50,000 or more,
  • not have been convicted of a criminal offense which involves an obvious risk of abuse of the right to carry out security activities, cf. the Danish Criminal Code section 78, subsection 2, and
  • make it probable that you will able to carry out security activities in an appropriate manner and in accordance with good practise within the sector.

Public limited companies, private limited companies and other limited liability companies as well as associations, foundations and other private institutions can authorised if the directors and a majority of the board members meet the first two requirements as mentioned above and if the directors and all of the board members meet the remaining requirements.


An application form in Danish can be found here.

The following document must be enclosed:

  • a description of the security company’s uniform (preferably with photographs)

You can send your application and documents to PAC by e-mail or letter. See contact details below.

If you are not able to use the Danish application form and information document, please contact PAC. PAC will then make arrangements with you as to how you can apply in English.

2. If you have already been authorised as security company in another EU/EEA member state:

Directive No. 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications apply to cases concerning authorisation of security companies.

An applicant may be authorised if the natural/legal person in question proves to have vocational qualifications which may be recognised in accordance with the Directive, and if the person meets the remaining requirements.

Applications concerning Directive No. 2005/36/EC are also handled by PAC. You must send full documentation of your authorisation in your home country as well as a copy of your criminal record (copy of your directors’ and board members’ criminal records if you a legal entity) and a description of the uniform as mentioned above.