Authorized psychologist (establishment)


The Danish title “autoriseret psykolog” (authorised psychologist) is a protected title in Denmark. Therefore in order to use the Danish title you have to have been granted authorisation by the Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice.


Application for authorisation requires the completion of an application form, which contains general information, and documentation from the applicant for the completion of the supplementary, practical education. The board has made available both application form as well as forms for documentation of practical experience and supervision.

The forms are available on the website in both Danish and English as well as examples on how to fill out the forms:

The application form and forms for documentation should be uploaded via our secure online contact form via the "Start"-button.

The contact form is only available in Danish. Therefore it is also possible to send the application and documentation to (Note that it is not a secure email.)

For information on how to pursuit permanent work in Denmark using the title “psykolog” and how to declare temporary or occasional pursuit as a (non authorised) psychologist in Denmark, we refer to the information on the regulations of work as a “psychologist”. Read more via the following links.