Chief Engineer (on fishing vessel) (establishment)


If you want to work on a permanent basis in Denmark as a chief engineer, you need to apply to the competent authority for authorization or similar official recognition.

You will need this:

There is no application form. Instead, write a letter stating your profession and explaining that you wish to work on a permanent basis. You should apply via the "Start"-button and enclose the following documents:

  • Proof of nationality, for example, a copy of identity card or passport
  • Proof that you have practiced the profession for at least two years in the last ten in your Member State of establishment, if your profession is not regulated in that country (for example, attestations from previous employers identifying the professional activity and its duration), if relevant
  • Your contact information: first name and family name, address, phone and e-mail, if any. If somebody else is sending the documents, e.g. a company sending documents on your behalf: The sender's name, address, phone and e-mail, if any.
  • Medical aptitude certificate
  • Seafarer’s certificate (copy of the original document including endorsements)
  • Documentation of seagoing service