Social security: Maternity/paternity benefits


As a shipowner of Danish flagged vessels, you may be covered by the rules on social security. You may be entitled to reimbursement of paid wages during maternity/paternity leave in accordance with Order on maternity/paternity benefits for seafarers.

You will need this:

You can apply for reimbursement of paid wages in connection with maternity/paterniity leave, by using our application form.  

The form must be enclosed with relevant documentation, including documentation of paid wages for the period in which you apply for reimbursement.  

The form must be filled out by the employer (section 1 – 3) and by the seafarer (section 4).  

Send the form as a secure e-mail to, via e-Boks to the Danish Maritime Authority's CVR number: 29831610 or by snail mail.