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Professional fireworks (temporary and permanent provision)


If you wish to use professional fireworks in Denmark you must be authorised as a certified pyrotechnician.

You will need this:

You apply for authorisation to work as a pyrotechnician in Denmark via the 'start'-button.

You must have different types of approval depending on the activity:

Provision of fireworks

If you import the fireworks yourself into Denmark or manufacture your own fireworks in Denmark, you must have approval to do so from the Danish Safety Technology Authority. You apply by e-mail to: sik@sik.dk

Use of professional fireworks

In addition to being approved as a certified pyrotechnician, the local fire department where you wish to arrange the fireworks event must approve the event before you can start working.
You must apply no later than 14 days before the event.

**Purchase of fireworks **

If you purchase or otherwise acquire the fireworks in Denmark, you must apply for permission from the local fire department where your company is registered. If you do not have a registered company in Denmark, the permission is granted by the local fire department where the company from which you purchase or acquire the fireworks is registered.

Storage of your fireworks

In order for you to receive permission to store your fireworks, you must apply for authorisation from the local fire department where you wish to store your fireworks.

Contact details for the local fire departments.