Share-based investment company


This form should be used to register a share-based investment company according to section 19 B(2) of the Danish Capital Gains Tax Act (Aktieavancebeskatningsloven).

You will need this:
  1. Name, address and residence for tax purposes (if it is a foreign company, add home country too).
  2. CVR number, SE number or corresponding foreign identification.
  3. ISIN code and any LEI code of the company etc.
  4. The most recently presented accounts.
  5. Articles of Association or similar documents.
  6. Whether the shares etc. issued by the investment company are divided into share classes.
  7. If so, the name and ISIN code of each share class must be stated.
  8. If the company is not Danish, it must be stated which type of legal entity the company is regarded as in its home country.
  9. Contact information for the notifier, including name, email and telephone number, including country code.