Application for revenue-restricted or turnover-restricted licence (1-01)


You must use this form, if you want to apply for a revenue-restricted or turnover-restricted licence to provide betting or online casino.


Please see “Additional info”, which includes references to guides and legislation.


This application requires that you send in a number of annexes. This appears from the guide on betting and online casino.

All annexes must be submitted via the programme “Bluewhale”, since it is not possible to attach more and/or large files to the application form.

On the Danish Gambling Authority’s website, you will find the guide on installing and using Bluewhale. Click here to read the guide on Bluewhale.

Application fee

You must attach to the application a copy of the documentation that shows you have paid the fee.

Casework time

Please notice that the casework time for the application is three months provided that all documents have been submitted correctly.