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Inspection company (temporary provision and establishment)


If you wish to run an inspection company in Denmark, i.e. a company which performs vehicle inspections to check whether a vehicle lives up to technical road safety and environmental requirements, you must be authorized.

You will need this:

You must complete the form application for authorization to perform vehicle inspections.

Additional documentation desired when applying for permission to perform inspection of vehicles:

  • Information that the company has applied for connection to the Digital Motor Register,
  • Information that the company has signed a liability insurance that includes inspection work,
  • Information that the company has an approved quality management system that is verified by an approved inspection body,
  • Documentation that the company’s technical officer is in possession of a valid driving license for all types of vehicles requested to inspect,
  • Documentation that the technical officer is educated (vehicle)mechanic or have passed other relevant technical training at an equivalent or higher level,
  • Copy of certificate of the company’s technical officer has passed the course at one of the Danish Road Safety Agency approved courses.

Applications can be submitted by post or e-mail to the Danish Road Safety Agency. See contact details below.