Authorisation of fitters, workshops and vehicle manufacturers


Here you can read about the rules on working on tachographs, how you apply for an authorisation and which businesses that are approved to educate staff and supervise fitters and workshops.

You will need this:
  • Determine if you need an A-authorisation, D-authorisation or an I-authorisation.
  • Fill out and mail the application form to the Danish Road Traffic Authority.
  • Get an approval report as described below and mail it to the Danish Road Traffic Authority.
  • Document that your staff is appropriately educated and mail a diploma to the Danish Road Traffic Authority.
  • Your company needs to be registered at Danish Business Authority and have a Danish CVR number (Central Business Register number).
  • Confirm that the day-to-day manager fulfills the requirements for criminal record and good repute.
  • Confirm that the fitter, workshop or vehicle manufacturer is not in bankruptcy proceedings or liquidation.
  • Confirm that the workshop does not possess a tachograph company card