How to apply for a Danish permit for commercial passenger transport


Here you can read about haulier permits, which allows you to provide commercial passenger transport services in Denmark through your company, such as taxi services, limousine services and public authority transport services.

You will need this:
  • Your company needs to be registered at Danish Business Authority and have a Danish CVR number (Central Business Register number).
  • You need an employee signature. The employee signature must be applied for by the owner of the business, and you can contact Nets for more information about this.
  • Your business must have a fixed establishment in Denmark.
  • You must provide documentation for equity of 40.000 Danish kroner for the first permit and 20.000 Danish kroner for every subsequent permit.
  • The company’s public debt or the public debt of the transport manager cannot be 50.000 Danish kroner or more.
  • The transport manager must fulfill the requirements for criminal record and good repute.
  • You must attach the employment contract of the transport manager to the application if the transport manager doesn’t own the company.