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Screening of investments in Danish companies

Danish Business Authority

EU cooperation

The Danish Business Authority is the national contact point for cooperation with other European authorities on screenings of foreign investments.

European cooperation on investment screenings

The Danish Business Authority handles communication and cooperation with other EU Member States and the EU Commission on the tasks related to investment screening that follow from EU Regulation 2019/452 of 19 March 2019.

The Danish Business Authority is responsible for sending notifications to other EU Member States and the EU Commission regarding investments covered by the EU regulation on FDI screening, and which undergo formal screening in Denmark. This is done to clarify whether the investment in question, when implemented, could have a negative impact on national security or public order in the other EU Member States. Member States have the opportunity to comment on the investment. However, it is still Denmark's own decision whether it wants to approve or reject an investment. The Danish Business Authority also receives notifications from other EU Member States about investments that are undergoing screening in those countries. In collaboration with the Danish authorities, the Danish Business Authority assesses whether the implementation of such investments in other European countries could affect Danish national security or public order. If so, the Danish Business Authority submits comments to the screening EU member state.

The EU expert group for investment screening

The Danish Business Authority's participates in the EU Commission's expert group for investment screening. Here we work to ensure that international cooperation in the field contributes to a well-functioning Danish investment climate without compromising potential threats to Denmark's security and public order.

Read the Regulation (EU) 2019/452 of the European Parliament and of the Council on a regulatory framework for the screening of foreign direct investment in the Union here.


Updated 10.08.2021