ATP Livslang Pension

ATP Livslang Pension


You must pay quarterly to your employees' ATP Livslang Pension.

As an employer, you pay 2/3 of your employees' ATP contributions. You should deduct the other third from your employees' salaries.


If you have employees who work in Denmark, you must pay ATP contributions for them unless they are covered by social security in another country.

In general, you are required to pay ATP contributions on behalf of your employees when they:

  • are employees

  • are aged 16 or more (there is no upper age limit)

  • work in Denmark or are posted by a Danish employer to work in another country

  • work at least nine hours per week

  • work at least 18 hours in a two-week period

  • work at least 39 hours per month.

You are also required to pay ATP contributions on behalf of employees who continue working while drawing ATP Livslang Pension.

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Are you in doubt about which employees you need to pay ATP contributions for?


ATP contributions are calculated on the basis of the total number of hours in the individual salary period.

Hours’ is to be understood as - besides the actual amount of hours worked - also hours that can be considered working hours. Hours are working hours if you pay salary or other remuneration (for example, course hours, time off in lieu, breaks, senior days off and the like).

The hours are distributed based on salary periods

When the amount of hours for the salary period are measured, the hours must be included in the salary periods wherein the work was completed, the course was held, etc. This also applies to overtime work hours that are not taken as time off in lieu or which cannot be taken as time off in lieu (for example, due to a dismissal or resignation).

If the employee has a work schedule specified in advance with different numbers of working hours in the individual salary periods, you must measure the number of hours for the entire work schedule period. Then you must distribute the hours evenly between the salary periods of the work schedule period.

How to calculate


Both the company's and the employee's share of the ATP contribution must be reported. Use E-income for reporting ATP contributions on behalf of your employees – both the company's and the employee's share of the ATP contribution. Each quarter, the ATP contribution is collected based on your reporting in E-income.

If you cannot use E-income

If you cannot use E-income, you need to report ATP contributions on behalf of your employees using the self-service option below. ATP Livslang Pension will send you a payment collection form only if reporting has been received from you.

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ATP Livslang Pension sends a payment order and, if relevant, a reminder to the company via Digital Post. If the company is registered outside of Denmark, you will get the payment order by regular mail to the company's address.

Log on to Digital Post 

There are several options when paying ATP contributions.

Payment options:

  • Payroll service provider - if you are registered, the amount will be drawn automatically

  • Paying-in slips sent to Digital Post

Paying from a foreign account?

When paying contribution to ATP Livslang Pension use the following BIC/SWIFT and IBAN:

BIC/SWIFT: DABADKKK IBAN: DK44 0216 4069200834 Remember to state your company’s CVR/SE number. Please note, ATP Livslang Pension and Samlet Betaling have separate IBAN numbers.

See an overview of your company’s reports and payments to ATP Livslang Pension (in Danish)

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Deadlines for reporting and payment

As a company, you must pay ATP contributions every quarter.

QuarterReporting dateDue dateFinal date of payment
Q110 April1 May7 May
Q210 July1 August7 August
Q310 October1 November7 November
Q410 January1 February7 February

If you pay via your company's online banking service, the amount must be debited to the company's account by the due date for payment stated. If the payment deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, payment may be made on the next working day.

Due date

The due date is the date from which interest accrues if ATP Livslang Pension receives your payment later than the due date for payment.

Late payment

If your payment is late, ATP Livslang Pension will charge interests. The interest rate is 1.5 per cent to be exacted at the beginning of each month. This interest will be charged from the day the payment is due.

Legislation etc.

Here you can find information on legislation, how to complain and read about how we process personal data.

Legal guidance

How to complain

If you are not satisfied with how you have been treated, you are welcome to contact ATP Livslang Pension.

How we process personal data

In the following, you can learn more about what data ATP Livslang Pension processes, how we process the data and your rights in that connection.

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Written by: ATP Livslang Pension Updated 27.10.2023