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As a private company, you have to pay Finansieringsbidrag.

Finansieringsbidrag is administrated and collected by the collection unit Samlet Betaling.

What are Finansieringsbidrag

With Finansieringsbidrag you are jointly and severally participating in covering a portion of the State's expenses for the ATP contributions that are paid for:

  • recipients of unemployment benefits, sick pay, maternity/paternity benefits and resource course grants.

  • wage earners who are receiving VEU allowances for occupation-oriented adult and continuing education.

A part of the Finansieringsbidrag also go to Lønmodtagernes Garantifond (LG). LG ensures that employees are able to have their wages, pensions and holiday allowances paid out if their company should go bankrupt.

Who has to pay?

Finansieringsbidrag are mandatory for all private employers that are registered under the Danish VAT Act or Danish Act concerning taxes on payroll costs.

Public companies do not have to pay financing contributions.

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Contribution rates

For every amount paid to ATP that is equal to a full-rate ATP contribution (DKK 284.00 per month) you must also pay DKK 142,75 per quarter (2022) in FIB contribution.

You can see the distribution of the contribution below, as well as see the contribution rates for 2022 and previous years.


Samlet Betaling will automatically calculate your Finansieringsbidrag on the basis of the ATP contributions you are paying for your employees.

Every quarter, Samlet Betaling receives information on the total ATP contributions that you have paid into the ATP Livslang Pension.

The ATP contributions paid are converted to a number of full-time employees by dividing the total contributions paid by the ATP contribution rate that applies for the company.

The number of full-time employees is multiplied by the relevant rate for the Finansieringsbidrag.

Example quarterly contribution:

Paid ATP contribution: DKK 5,000 / applicable ATP rate: DKK 852

= 5.87 full-time employees.

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Finansieringsbidrag are collected every quarter by Samlet Betaling.

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Under Samlet Betaling, you can see the collection periods and read how you pay.

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How to apply for an exemption

You can apply for an exemption from paying Finansieringsbidrag by filling in and submitting this form (in Danish):

Blanket til ansøgning om fritagelse af FIB (PDF)

In the application, you must state when the product has been purchased and declare that you do not have to pay Finansieringsbidrag because you have been VAT-registered due to the reverse payment obligation.

The application must be signed by your auditor.

You can apply for an exemption at the latest 3 years after you have paid the contribution.

If Samlet Betaling grants you an exemption from paying the Finansieringsbidrag, you will have those contributions repaid that you have made which are covered by the exemption.

Remember to notify us of changes

You are obligated to notify Samlet Betaling if you no longer fulfil the conditions for being exempted.

The exemption is valid for one year

You can be exempted for one calendar year at a time. If you desire to extend the exemption, you must at the latest on 1 May submit a new application to Samlet Betaling. The application must be signed by your auditor.

Updated 30.11.2022