Intellectual Property Rights

Patent- og Varemærkestyrelsen

Trademark and design protection

In this section you can read about how to apply for trademark and design protection in Denmark.

How to apply for a trademark in Denmark

A trademark protects a company’s commercial signs, such as name or logo of a company. A trademark is valid for ten years. There is no upper limit on how many times a trademark can be renewed.

If you wish to file a trademark application in Denmark, you need to send your application to the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. The quickest and easiest way to file an application is online, where you can pay the application fee directly. This is currently only available in Danish.

Apply online. You can use a pdf-file if you wish to apply for a trademark in Denmark in English.

Apply in English.

When applying for a trademark, you need to choose which goods and services the trademark covers. The goods and services are classified using a system called Nice classification. If the application is filed in English, it should be accompanied by a Danish version of the list of goods and services.

When a national application is filed, it receives an application number, and a receipt is issued. If the application fee is not paid along with the application, an invoice with the application number is sent, and a one-month respite is granted. You can contact the Danish Patent and Trademark Office on + 45 4350 8301 or for further information.

Fees and deadlines for trademarks

The basic trademark application fee, including one class, is DKK 2.000. There is a supplementary fee of DKK 200 for the second class and DKK 600 for each additional class. If you want a specified search report, there is a fee of DKK 700. The basic fee for renewing the trademark after ten years is DKK 2.000. Supplementary fees, contingent on the number of classes chosen, are added to the basic renewal fee.

Read more on trademark fees in Denmark here.

There are no specific deadlines when applying for a trademark. You can file for a trademark even if you have launched or used the trademark prior to the application.

How to apply for a design in Denmark

A design registration protects the appearance of the whole or a part of a product. A design is valid for five years. A design can be protected for up to 25 years.

Most applicants who want design protection use EUIPO. DKPTO receives very few national design application and the application procedure for a Danish design is thus only available in Danish.

Design application procedure. You can contact the Danish Patent and Trademark Office on + 45 4350 8301 or for further information.

Fees and deadlines for design protection

The basic design application fee is DKK 1.200, including one picture of the design. Each additional picture costs DKK 400. The renewal fee after five years is DKK 2.200.

Full price list for design protection here.

If you want to protect a design, you need to send in the application within 12 months after it’s made available to the public.

Updated 25.05.2022