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You must report the holiday pay that your employees have accrued under the Danish Holiday Act in the period from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020.

Report for the transition year

You can still report holiday pay for the transition year (1 September 2019 - 31 August 2020). For example, bonus pay that could not be calculated before 31 December 2020. The reports must be made either via your payroll system or E-income.

You must report holiday pay to Feriepengeinfo and FerieKonto, as you usually do. Reports for the transition year made to FerieKonto after 1 January 2021 are collected by Lønmodtagernes Feriemidler.

How to report

If you do not have a Danish CVR/SE number or if you are unable to report to E-income, you can contact our customer service for advice and guidance.

If you have a Danish CVR/SE number

It varies how you must report for the different types of employees in the transition year.

Get help with reporting

If you use a payroll service agency or payroll system, you can contact either the agency or the supplier of the payroll system if you need help with reporting. If you usually report directly via E-income, you should keep doing so in the future.

How to report holiday pay in E-income

Read here, how to report for different types of employees.

Legislation etc.

Here you can find information on legislation, how to complain and read about how we process personal data.

Legal guidance

How to complain

How we process personal data

In the following, you can learn more about what data Lønmodtagernes Feriemidler processes, how we process the data and your rights in that connection.

Read about the processing of your personal data

Updated 20.12.2021