Ship registration

Danish Maritime Authority

Annual fees for registered ships

An annual fee must be paid for ships registered at The Danish Ship Register. The amount of the fee depends on the gross tonnage and use of the ship. The fee helps finance the authorities’ tasks and services related to ships flying the Danish flag.

The fee

The fee is collected from the registered owner of the ship via an invoice sent by post or e-mail if one is listed. The fee is charged annually and usually in the second half of March. The fee must be paid within 30 days. The fee covers the period from 1 March to 28/29 February. For ships registered on March 1, you must pay the full fee for the coming period. However, if you apply to have your ship deleted from the register by the end of August and the ship is deleted, half of the current fee will be refunded.

Late payment

In case of late payment, you will receive a reminder and a reminder fee will be charged. If you do not pay the fee by the due date, the case will be referred to the Danish Debt Collection Agency, which charges an additional collection fee.

Overview of the annual fees

The annual fee for registered merchant ships and fishing vessels under 30 gross tonnage is 300 DKK. The annual fee for registered ships under 20 gross tonnage is 800 DKK. The annual fee for registered ships between 20-500 gross tonnages is 1600 DKK. The annual fee for registered ships with a gross tonnage of 500 or more is 2400 DKK.

Written by: Danish Maritime Authority Updated 15.03.2021