Report temps to AES via self-service

Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssikring

Here temp agencies can report on where employees have been sent to. Remember to select the period for which you wish to report.

You will need this:

This self-service is in Danish.

About the temp agency

  • SE number
  • Year and quarter

About the customers

  • The customer’s SE number
  • The customer’s company name
  • Number of temp hours in total per customer
  • per quarter

Step by step

  1. Remember to click [Send] within 30 minutes, otherwise you will lose your data.
  2. Select period
  3. Click on [Hent indberetning] (‘Retrieve report’)
  4. If relevant, enter information on new customers
  5. Click on [Valider] (‘Validate’)
  6. If you have reported previously, the information will be under [Allerede indberettet] (‘Already reported’)
  7. Select [Send]

Only temp agencies can use the report.

Deadlines for reporting on temp hours

  • 22 May (January quarter 01.01 - 31.03)
  • 22 August (April quarter 01.04 - 31.06)
  • 22 November (July quarter 01.07 - 30.09)
  • 22 February (October quarter 01.10 - 31.1)

Changing previously submitted data

You can change the information in previous reports going back 3 years.