Report temps via a file to AES

Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssikring

When you as a temp agency report to AES via a file, the file must comply with certain formats. You can check the contents before you send the file.

You will need this:

This self-service is in Danish.

About the temp agency

  • SE number
  • Year and quarter

About the customers

  • The customer’s SE number
  • The customer’s company name
  • The number of temp hours in total per customer per quarter

Step by step

  1. Press [Start indberetning] (‘Start reporting’) and log in with a NemID employee signature
  2. Press [Gennemse] (‘Browse’) to find your file
  3. You can click on [Test] to see if the contents of the file are correct
  4. When the reporting has been completed, you can view the reports in the menu item ‘Indbetalinger og krav’ (‘Contributions and requirements’)

Only temp agencies can use the report.

Deadlines for reporting on temp hours

  • 22 May (January quarter 01.01 - 31.03)
  • 22 August (April quarter 01.04 - 31.06)
  • 22 November (July quarter 01.07 - 30.09)
  • 22 February (October quarter 01.10 - 31.1)

Changing previously submitted data

You can change the information in previous reports going back 3 years.