Notify the Product Registry of hazardous substances and materials


Companies that produce or import hazardous chemical substances and materials for professional use in Denmark in quantities above 100 kg per year, must notify the products to the Product Registry.

You will need this:

Companies with a Danish CVR number must use MitID Erhverv (eID solution) to log on to the Product Registry. Foreign companies without a CVR number will have to register a user profile.

Companies with a Danish CVR number

You have to log in using a MitID Erhverv (eID solution). The MitID Erhverv must have the necessary user rights to the Product Registry. The company’s own MitID Erhverv administrator assigns these rights.

Press Start to notify the Product Registry

Guide on allocation of rights (in Danish)

Foreign companies without a Danish CVR number and MitID Erhverv

Please contact the Product Registry to obtain a user profile:

Send the following information for your user profile:

  • Name and email address of the user

  • Full name, address and country of the company

  • Cell phone number (to receive a SMS with code when you log on to the system).

User Guide to the Product Registry (pdf)