Animal experiments (temporary provision)


Before using vertebrate animals in experiments that are assumed to cause them pain, suffering, distress or permanent harm, you must obtain an authorization issued by the Danish Animal Expeirments Inspectorate.


If you are not established in Denmark and therefore do not have a Danish social security number or a MitID you can apply for authorization by sending an e-mail to the Danish Animal Experiments Inspectorate: (avaiable via the "start"-button).

The application must comprise the following information:

  1. a description of the project

  2. a non-technical description of the project, containing:

    • a description of the purpose of the project

    • an explanation as to why equivalent knowledge cannot fully or partially be obtained without the use of living animals, and cannot be obtained by less stressful experiments nor by using fewer animals

    • an explanation on how the experiment is of significant benefit, and

    • a description of all interventions, including how many and what type(s) of animals are being used and a detailed description of the accumulated severity that the animals in question are being exposed to.

  3. a description of the experiment(s) that the project description contains, including the use of the animals

  4. information on the origin, approximate number, species and life stage of the animals expected to be used

  5. use of methods for replacement, reduction and refinement in connection with the experiments

  6. planned usage of anesthesia, analgesics and other forms of pain relief

  7. restriction, avoidance and relief of any kind of suffering for the animal from birth to death, when appropriate

  8. use of humane endpoints

  9. experiment or observation strategy and statistical planning in order to reduce the number of animals, pain, suffering, fear and environmental consequences, when appropriate

  10. reuse of animals and the cumulative effect thereof on the animals

  11. the proposed classification of the experiment as regards to severity

  12. avoidance of unjustified repetition of an experiment, when appropriate

  13. information on the conditions under which the animals are placed, kept and cared for

  14. methods of killing, and

  15. qualifications of the persons participating in the project

This application process is applicable only for persons who do not intend to become established in Denmark, and who reside in another country on a permanent basis, but wish to conduct animal experiments in Danish facilities. If you wish to establish yourself, you must instead obtain an authorization by applying via this page.