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Ship survey

Danish Maritime Authority

House boats and other ships

The requirements applicable to your houseboat depend on how it is used.

It can be used either for private habitation or for commercial purposes. Many of the regulations applicable to private habitation and commercial purposes are the same. If the houseboat is used for commercial purposes, a number of additional regulations must be met. Commercial purposes include, for example, museums, restaurants, hotels or discotheques.

Approval and inspections

The Danish Maritime Authority is responsible for the approval and inspection of the houseboat's stability, hull design, various tanks and removal of the houseboat. The rules on this are available from technical regulation on the stability, buoyancy, etc. of houseboats and floating structures.

The approval and inspection work is performed by individuals/companies authorized by the Danish Maritime Authority. The authorized individual or company can often assist with questions beyond the area of authorization.

Written by: Danish Maritime Authority Updated 15.03.2021