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Point-of-Contact scheme

The Danish Maritime Authority has established a Point-of-Contact scheme to assist Danish ship owners.

POC scheme as a supplement

The Point-of-Contact (POC) scheme means that a permanent team of ship surveyors is associated with each ship owner; these ship surveyors have in-depth knowledge about the shipownerand its special needs. Thus, a permanent contact person will always follow up and revert to the ship owner.

The primary purpose of the POC scheme is to make it easy and interesting for ship owners to set up business in Denmark and have ships flying the Danish flag and thus promote quality shipping.

  • Large passenger ship companies

  • Small passenger ship companies

  • Large cargo ship companies

  • Small cargo ship companies

  • Companies with special purpose vessels

What to expect from your POC team?

The ship surveyors of each POC team will do the following:

  • Create networks in the companies in the relevant segments

  • Generate special knowledge about the relevant segment

  • Assist the company so that the case consideration progresses smoothly

  • Learn and help the company find its way around the Danish Maritime Authority and Blue Denmark in general

  • Follow up on problematic cases and ensure that the company gets an answer

  • Offer, for example, new companies special guidance

When are the POC surveyors available?

The POC surveyors are available within normal working hours. During working hours, you can get hold of at least one person from each team. Holidays are taken so that at least one surveyor from each team is available.

If a company has divisions in countries where the time difference makes it difficult to contact the Danish Maritime Authority within normal working hours, you can arrange special hours of contact with the Danish Maritime Authority.

If the Danish Maritime Authority is contacted by a company without knowledge about the Danish Maritime Authority's work procedures, a special Customer Account Manager will be appointed among the appointed POC surveyors. This person will actively guide the company during a start-up period. This initiative is aimed especially at new companies, but other companies can also request such an arrangement if special need arises, for example in connection with major changes to a company's shore-based organization.

Registration for the POC scheme

You are welcome to write an email to if you want to know more or would like to register for the POC scheme.

Written by: Danish Maritime Authority Updated 15.03.2021