Admission to the Bar - for applicants who have obtained a law degree from an EU / EFTA Member State (temporary provision and establishment)


Apply here if you wish to apply for admission to the Bar and be authorized to work as a lawyer in Denmark.

You will need this:

Submit an application accompanied by the necessary information and documentation. You can read more about these below. Enclose the following with the application to the Department of Civil Affairs by post or e-mail:

  • Documentation verifying that a Danish bachelor and master’s degree in law has been passed. The exact date on which the applicant graduated must be made clear. There is a special scheme with an adaptation period for those who have passed a master’s degree in law at a level corresponding to that of the Danish bachelor and master’s degree in law in an EU Member State or a country with which the Community has entered into an agreement. In this connection, please see section 135a of the Danish Administration of Justice Act.

  • If you don’t have a Danish bachelor’s and master’s degree in Law; documentation of equivalent to Danish bachelor’s and master’s degree;

  • Original principal’s declaration. It must be made clear in the principal’s declaration the period that the applicant has been employed as an authorised trainee lawyer, whether the applicant has been employed on a full-time or part-time basis (if part-time the weekly working hours must be specified), and that during the employment the applicant has taken part in general practice, including gaining knowledge of how legal proceedings are handled. It must also be made clear if the applicant has, for example, been on parental leave during the period of employment;

  • A letter from the court regarding the applicant’s authorisation at the principal in question;

  • Copy of pass certificate for lawyer’s diploma;

  • Personal consent to the Ministry of Justice obtaining information from the Danish Criminal Register; and

  • Personal declaration that the applicant is of legal age and not under guardianship or co-guardianship in accordance with section 5 and section 7 respectively of the Danish Guardianship Act, is not subject to an administration order and has not entered into bankruptcy proceedings.