reimburses private employers who pay salary to employees during maternity/paternity leave and compensation to those of you who are self-employed or private entrepreneurs and will be going on a maternity/paternity leave.

Both the reimbursement and compensation are in addition to the maternity/paternity benefits you can get from Udbetaling Danmark – Public Benefits Administration.

Most used self-service

View payments from

In this self-service you can see an overview of your company’s payments.

How the company is registered

In this self-service you can see which maternity/paternity scheme the company is covered by.

Reimbursement of maternity/paternity benefits for employers

Here you can report and apply for reimbursement for employees on maternity/paternity leave.


Reimbursement amounts available

To receive reimbursement the employee’s hourly wage must be at least DKK 116.60. The maximum of DKK 204,26/hour will be paid when the hourly wage is at least DKK 197,35. If the hourly wage is below DKK 197.35, the reimbursement will accordingly be less.


Pay contribution

As a private employer you are either fully covered, partially covered or not covered by The contribution rate for depends on how you are covered.

Contribution - fully covered


You can receive compensation from, when going on maternity/paternity leave as a self-employed person or a private entrepreneur.