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Establish a business in Denmark

If you're going to register a business in Denmark, you will need to follow the Danish rules.

If you are established as a self-employed person or a business in another EU or EEA country and wish to provide services by establishing a business in Denmark, you can read here about the rules that apply.


Business registration

First you must register your company at the Danish Business Authority. You can register a wide variety of company and association types.

  • Aktieselskab (A/S): public limited liability company

  • Anpartsselskab (ApS): private limited liability company

  • Partnerselskab (P/S): limited partnership company

  • Andelsselskab med begrænset ansvar (A.M.B.A.): cooperative society with limited liability

  • Forening med begrænset ansvar (F.M.B.A.): association with limited liability

  • Enkeltmandsvirksomhed: sole proprietorship

  • Kommanditselskab (K/S): limited partnership

  • Interessentskab (I/S): partnership

Read more about company types (in Danish)

When you've chosen company type, you can register using self-service "Start Company".

The solution requires you to have a Danish social security number (CPR) as well as the Danish eID 'MitID' or a foreign eID which is approved in accordance with eIDAS.



You have to submit the application for VAT registration in Denmark at the latest 8 days before you start doing business in Denmark. If you do not submit the application in time or not at all, or the information that you have provided is not correct or insufficient, you may be sanctioned with a fine.



If your company has employees, it is your responsibility to withhold Danish tax and labour market contribution from the wages that you pay to your employees for the work they carry out in Denmark.


Working environment


Social security and workers compensation


Close company or deregister duty

If you want to cease your foreign company in Denmark or deregister for duties such as for VAT, you have to use a self-service solution:

Go to "Close company" and login with your CVR-number and MitID.

We hope the guide was helpful

Please note that the guide is indicative. All steps may not be necessary for you just as additional registrations or requirements may apply to you.

Updated 22.02.2024