Fully covered

You are fully covered by if your company is not a member of an alternative, approved maternity/paternity scheme.

Here you can see how much to pay to, when to pay and how the contribution is calculated.

Contribution rate for

In 2024 the contribution rate for is DKK 1,350.00 per year (DKK 337.50 per quarter) for a full-time employee paid monthly. You do not have to pay contribution for trainees under the age of 25. You will still be eligible for reimbursement for them, however, if they go on maternity/paternity leave.

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The contribution is calculated on the basis of the ATP contributions you have paid for your employees.

  • Each time you pay a full ATP contribution for a quarter in the amount of DKK 852.00 (ATP contribution as of 01/01/2016), the company has to pay a quarter’s contribution to of DKK 337.50.

  • Contributions are calculated per quarter and consider the trainees below the age of 25 for whom you are not paying contributions.

Please note that your trainees must be registered with the Employer’s Reimbursement System (AUB) for you to be exempt from paying contributions to Register trainees in AUB’s self-service (in Danish)

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Calculation periods

When you receive a payment order, your contribution to ATP in the following four periods form the basis for calculating the contribution to

Payment order receivedCalculation based on ATP contributions paid
June2 March - 1 June
September2 June - 1 September
December2 September - 1 December
March2 December - 1 March


Contributions will be collected each quarter by Samlet Betaling, a joint collection of a number of employer’s contribution.

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Deadlines for payment

Here, you can see the quarterly deadlines for payment.

QuarterDue dateDeadline for payment
Q11 July14 July
Q21 October14 October
Q31 January20 January
Q41 April14 April

Updated 07.05.2024